dr.Corey-Felix dentist

Dr. Corey Felix

Having joined our team as a traveling dental surgeon, Dr. Corey Felix hails from Cape Breton and has often been called “the tooth whisperer”. His calm demeanour helps his patients through even the most difficult surgical procedures. In addition to obtaining his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Dalhousie in 2007, Dr. Felix also has a Masters degree in Pharmacology and can offer you several sedation options to keep you comfortable during your treatment. Dr. Felix has a passion for dental implants and spends most of his ongoing training in this field so that he can stay on top of the most current and successful treatment options. He likes to “keep it real” and will take lots of time to explain procedures and answer all your questions. Dr. Felix’s primary goal is to exceed his patient’s expectations, be it for a simple extraction or a complex full mouth rehabilitation. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids at Grand Lake, or joining his extended family in Cape Breton. He loves to cook for family gatherings and can often be found behind the BBQ grill at his son’s football games.